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The riding program consists of a 2-hour riding lesson and a 2-hour practical horsemanship session per day. All campers participate in the same daily program.

Sans Souci Riding Centre specializes in teaching the art of english horseback riding and prioritizes the importance of high standards in its riding program. The centre has excellent equestrian facilities available for teaching dressage, cross-country and stadium jumping. Sans Souci’s facilities provide for many levels of riding instruction and experiences. The Centre has several horseback riding rings, a 20 x 60 dressage horseback riding ring and a beautiful equestrian cross-country course made up of solid natural obstacles. A large indoor arena is available for use on rainy days. Sans Souci has forty-five, safe and well-trained horses and ponies for riders of all skill levels.


The horseback riding lessons are given in either the morning or afternoon for a period of two hours. Each camper is placed in a small class of about five riders who share their experiences and abilities.

The beginner rider will be introduced to the basic techniques the walk and trot through exercises that improve balance, strength, co-ordination and confidence. This is done in a 20m round riding ring in which the instructor has control of the horse’s direction and pace. Within a few days, beginner riders quickly and safely progress with confidence to controlling their own horse.

The intermediate riders are challenged with new skills while refining the basics. They are introduced to the canter and begin learning horseback riding over poles and low jumps.

The advanced riders work at improving their flat work and jumping. They are introduced to basic dressage movements and basic level dressage tests. They perfect their jumping style and techniques through gymnastics and courses


The objective of the horsemanship program is to teach the campers the stable management skills needed to confidently care for a horse’s health and well-being. Each camper is assigned a horse of their own which they take care of for 2 hours a day.

This 2-hour period is divided into 3 sessions throughout the day. Under the close supervision of an instructor, campers will learn how to groom, feed, and administer basic first-aid for their horse. As well, the instructors give the campers theory courses on a wide range of horsemanship topics; from horse health, nutrition, identification and behaviour to stable design, show preparation and equipment care.